Get to the brunt of the problem

Arguing will often result in doors being slammed and a shouting match. But if you can learn to make arguments more constructive, then issues can be resolved much quicker. Below are some tips to help make those arguments a little less volatile:

  • Try not to bring up the past.
  • Do not mask your feelings. Uncover your emotions.
  • Try not to generalise about incidents.
  • If the argument is getting a bit too volatile then agree to take a break.
  • Don’t bring into the argument things that other people have said.
  • Try not to use personal insults. This will get you nowhere.
  • Allow each other to speak their mind.
  • Try not to raise your voice.
  • Do not involve the children in your arguments. But, also, don’t try to hide the fact that there has been an argument. They are not stupid.

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