Common Sexual Problems

Sexual difficulties often have a profound affect in other areas of a relationship, and vice versa. But the main problem with sex is that it is such a sensitive issue and one many couples find difficult to discuss. This results in each partner’s anxieties and troubles being locked away, and rather than helping anybody, this leaves the subject being expressed through other disputes in the relationship.

You are not alone

A survey of 1,500 participants in 2003 found that 40% of women and 22% of men attending general practices in London had sexual difficulties. Whether you are in a long standing relationship, or just starting out, sexual problems can happen. They can hit you at any time, and knock your confidence, even if your sex life has been unproblematic up to now. The feelings of inadequacy and shame you are likely to feel should not be disregarded, but identified and dealt with.

Why can’t we be more normal?

Many couples often ask why they can’t be more normal. But this could not be further from the truth. We are all likely to face some sexual difficulty in our lives, and there is no ‘normal’ way you should be having sex. It is down to you and your partner to decide what you enjoy in the bedroom, and to communicate any hidden desires you may have. Sex can be fun and a great way to express one’s love, but only when you have the courage to disregard your anxieties and allow yourself to become completely comfortable in one another’s presence.

What we can do to help

This section offers information on the varying problems couples face in relation to sex, and also provides details on how to treat and cope with these problems. Issues discussed range from difficulty responding sexually, boring sex and the affects of pregnancy. The required treatment may be simple self-help techniques, the prescription of medication or the aid of a therapist. But you must decide what is more important – your pride, or your relationship? Identifying the problem affecting your sexual relationship can help you overcome your fear and trepidation, and take you one step closer to overcoming your sexual difficulties.


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