Cultural and Religious Differences

If you are in a relationship with a person from a different cultural or religious background, then this can affect not only your social life, but also your sex life. People are individuals first and fore most, but are also moulded differently based on the teachings as they have grown up. This can cause people to hold differing values, and there to be certain activities that can not be partaken in, such as sex before marriage.

A person’s values can be based on a number of things, whether it is religion, the area you live in, your parent’s beliefs or what you have been taught to believe is right and wrong. Differences in cultural and religious background can be problematic should the people in a relationship hold different values. Only through communicating your differences and setting any necessary limits can a couple learn to enjoy sexual activity.

Differing values when it comes to sex

Every individual holds differing attitudes towards sex. This may be down to personal preferences, or may be due to cultural and religious ideals. There are some religions that believe sex is something that should remain unseen, such as the feminine form, while others see it as a great way of expressing one’s love. Because of these differences there will be certain acts that you or your partner may not be willing to take part in, due to these acts being seen as immoral. Only by communicating your beliefs and discussing which sexual activities you are willing to partake in can a sexual relationship be built around a foundation of trust.

Are cultural and religious differences affecting your relationship?

If cultural and religious differences are affecting your relationship then a therapist can help you. There are professionals who can help you to communicate your beliefs with your partner, and to get down to any underlying concerns you may have about sex. When you and your partner are ready a therapist will be able to offer advice on how to generate a list of what you see as acceptable sexual activities, and can also help you to discuss any limitations you may wish to put in place.


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