Feel loved?

As a relationship develops it is sometimes the case that the people involved drift apart. The only way to ensure this does not happen is by putting the effort in. A relationship is like a living organism, and without the proper treatment, it will wither and die. Below is an exercise to help ensure this does not happen:

  • Make a space in each of your diaries for about half an hour.
  • You will each need a pen and paper, and to be in different rooms.
  • Now, you each need to write down what has made you feel loved in the past, with past partners, and before things started taking a tumble in your relationship.
  • When you have finished, agree not to talk about it for a day.
  • Now, come together with your separate lists. This can give you an opportunity to see what you are not doing, and what your partner really enjoys.
  • Do not take your partner’s list as an insult, but more as a way of improving your expression of love for one another.

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