Genital Herpes

What is Genital Herpes?

There are two types of genital herpes, the first being HSV 1, and the second HSV 2, both of which can cause infections of the genital and anal area, and also cause cold sores. This is an infection that will remain in your body once contracted. You can catch genital herpes by kissing and through sex, and it can also be contracted through small gaps in the skin. It may remain dormant in your body for quite some time.

Symptoms of Genital Herpes

It can take a week or two for symptoms to arise, or anything up to a year or even more. Typical indications include having symptoms similar to a cold or flu, an irritation in the genital area, discomfort when urinating and sores that can be found on areas such as your mouth or bottom.

What treatment is available for Genital Herpes?

Testing involves the examination of sores, and will also require a sample from a blister, through the use of a swab. This may be slightly painful if they have to break a blister to get a sample. Treatment will include the prescription of antiviral tablets, and you must inform your doctor if you are pregnant. To lessen discomfort, you can wear loose clothing, use an ice pack, have cool showers and drink lots of water.

If you leave it…

Sores will clear up by themselves, but more will typically develop, which is why it is best to get proper treatment.


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