Reasons why people usually seek the help of a sexual therapist

It may seem a daunting prospect to ask for the help of a therapist to ‘fix’ your relationship, but this is something that countless couples do each year. Below are some reasons that may see a struggling couple seek assistance:

  • Strong feelings of jealousy.
  • Communication always results in arguments.
  • Sex is no longer a part of your relationship, though you would like it to be.
  • Issues to do with depression.
  • Difficulty expressing your emotions.
  • You are constantly swiping at one another with snide remarks.
  • You and your partner do not communicate unless it is absolutely necessary.
  • You both feel that a divorce is on the cards.
  • You find it difficult to balance your work and home life.
  • The arrival of a baby has had a negative affect on your relationship.
  • You recently married and are struggling to adapt.
  • Sexual desire has plummeted.
  • There has been an infidelity.
  • You or your partner does not want to commit.
  • Prior negative experiences during childhood or past relationships are affecting you.
  • You are in an abusive relationship.
  • Certain subjects always result in conflict.


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