Male & female condoms

What is it?

There are not only condoms for men, but also women. They are both made from either rubber or polyurethane. They can help to prevent pregnancy, and protect against the transfer of STIs.

How does it work?

Male condoms are worn on the penis, and must be put on before sexual intercourse, but only when the penis is hardened. You must ensure that the condom is not broken, and that you put it on the right way, with the air bubble pointing away from the penis. When you ejaculate into the condom, ensure that the sperm does not come into contact with the vagina. When you take the condom off, throw it into the bin, not down the toilet.

Female condoms are worn on the inside of the vagina, and, as with the male condom, need to be put on before sexual intercourse. You must ensure that it is not broken. Then, insert the closed end of the condom into the vagina, ensuring that the open end covers the opening of the vagina wall. When you have sex, make sure the penis enters through the condom, and not around it. When you are finished, remove the condom and wind the end to stop sperm from escaping, and then throw it into the bin, not the toilet.

How dependable is it?

Male condoms are 98% effective and female condoms 95% effective. Only buy condoms that contain the CE symbol, which signifies they are tested to European safety standards. This form of contraception is best used along with another form, such as the combined pill.

Other important information

Condoms are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, and there is also a selection of flavours. They protect against pregnancy and STIs. If the condom breaks during sex, then it may be best to use emergency contraception if you do not want to get pregnant.


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