Progestogen-only pill

What is it?

This is a pill that contains only progestogen, and no oestrogen. The pill is to be used every day, during a certain time period.

How does it work?

The pill releases the hormone progestogen into the body, which works to stop sperm from reaching an egg, and also helps to prevent the ovulation process.

How dependable is it?

The progestogen-only pill is 99% effective. Therefore, it is a good idea to use it with another type of contraception, such as a condom. Also, it will not provide protection against STIs.

Other important information

This pill is mainly for those who are unable to take the pill containing oestrogen. You will need to take the pill each and every day during the same period of three hours. Sickness and diarrhoea may cause the benefits of the pill to be tarnished, so you must be careful. Your period will likely become lighter, and short-term side-effects may include spots.


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