What is scabies?

This is not strictly an STI, but can be passed on through bodily contact. It is an infection of the skin caused by miniscule parasitic mites. The infection can be passed on through mere body contact, let alone sexual activity. The mites can be found in areas such as the genital region, hands, breasts and buttocks. Mites typically live up to 72 hours when not able to feed on blood, and can be spread on clothing and bed sheets.

Symptoms of scabies

Symptoms can take anything up to six weeks to appear. Symptoms include inflammation of the skin, spots that can be mistaken for eczema and an itchiness which becomes worse after washing.

What treatment is available for scabies?

Testing is usually done through merely identifying the affected areas and signs of parasitic mites. Treatment includes a cream or lotion, but you should inform your doctor if you are pregnant. Household members ought to be tested, and you should wash clothes and bed covers.

If you leave it…

Treatment is necessary if you are to combat this infection.


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