Sexual Addiction

Sexual addiction is a problem that can place great strain upon a relationship, but is a condition often not taken seriously. Being addicted to sex is not only limited to sexual intercourse, but incorporates other sexual acts such as watching pornography, masturbating and paying for sex. When we have sex this causes chemicals to be released in our bodies, creating a sense of euphoria. This can cause some people to constantly seek this chemical reaction. Sexual addiction can vary in its extremities, causing social problems for some, while for others it can devastate their relationship.

Sexual addiction is an addiction like any other, whether is due to alcohol or drugs, and can become a bodily necessity. Those who suffer from sexual addiction often feel disgrace at their actions, as well as regret, angst and guilt. This condition can be difficult for couples to deal with as there are many who see it as a mere excuse for sleeping with someone else. But sexual addiction is a real problem, and is one for which therapy can be a necessity.

What symptoms characterise sexual addiction?

Sexual addiction can make people go to extremities in order to seek sexual stimulation. There are certain behaviours that you should look out for if you feel you, or your partner, are suffering from sex addiction:

  • Paying prostitutes for sex
  • Having affairs
  • Having sex with people you just meet on a regular basis
  • Excessive use of pornography or telephone sex lines
  • Excessive levels of masturbation
  • Feel you or your partner’s sexual behaviour is out of control
  • Unable to stop yourself
  • Partaking in high-risk sexual acts
  • Choosing sex over important events on a routine basis
  • Partaking in fetishes, voyeurism and exhibitionism
  • Knowing there may be severe retribution if you continue this way
  • Requiring the buzz of sex more and more
  • Having mood swings when it comes to sexual activity

How common is sexual addiction?

It is believed that around 5% of people experience sexual addiction, but this total is likely higher as most people are want to admit they are sufferers. This is a condition that can affect both men and women, with no typical profile of person being mainly accountable. Due to the introduction of the internet, the level of sexual addiction has gone up. However, the stigma attached to sex addiction still remains, and unless you are brave enough to admit you have a problem then this condition will continue to have a negative affect on your life.

I think I’m a sex addict

The first step is to admit you do have a problem. However, it is all well and good knowing you are a sufferer, but unless you make the effort to deal with the condition then it will not go away. A therapist can assist you in overcoming the condition by identifying the reasons why you are seeking sexual activities. They can then offer you valuable advice, and aid, as you make the necessary changes in your life to overcome the problem.

I think my partner is a sex addict

If you believe your partner is suffering from sex addiction then you firstly need to talk to them about it. This is easier said than done as sex addiction is a condition many people find difficult to admit. But until your partner manages to admit their problem then they will not be ready to seek the help that can see them combat the problem. A therapist can not only help a sufferer of sex addiction, but can also assist partners as the couple works to overcome the problem.


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