Try something new

If your sex life is down in the dumps, then it can be resurrected. As long as you are both willing to make an effort, then your sex life does not need to become a bore fest. Below are some tips to spice up your sex life:

  • Go on a date – Making a date is a good idea if you currently have a busy schedule, and, although a spontaneous get together can seem exciting, a scheduled rendezvous can be just as exhilarating. Try setting a time each week, or, if that is not possible, once every two weeks, as long as both partners are okay with this. You can go out for a romantic meal, to the cinema or just have a night in on the couch. Make sure you treat it as a real date, or it will likely be a waste of time.
  • Dress up – Dressing up is always a good way to increase your sexual arousal. For men, it will typically involve something along the lines of a nurse’s outfit, while for women it may require their man to wear smart attire similar to that of James Bond. Do not be afraid to disclose your wishes to your partner, but make sure they are okay with the concept before going ahead with it.
  • Different sexual positions – The missionary position, with the man on top, is the position most couples use, but is not the only one out there. Other positions you could try include the man penetrating the woman from behind, anal, the woman on top or the man standing up with the woman’s legs wrapped around him. There are many more positions you could have a look for.
  • Fantasy – We all have hidden sexual desires, and unleashing them can be the remedy to a flailing sex life. Typical male fantasies include giving and receiving oral sex and having sex with more than one person, while for women it may involve having sex in an exotic location or being treated as a princess. However, you must be careful, as your fantasies may be deemed as unsuitable. Ensure that your partner is okay with the idea before trying anything.

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