What you enjoy

You really need to think about what you enjoy in the bedroom if your sexual desires are to be catered for. Do not expect your partner to read your mind, particularly if you have no idea what you enjoy in the first place. Try thinking back to when you were younger, and the images of sex that used to get your pulse racing. As long as your desires are not too controversial, then your partner should be more than willing to try them out. Below are some things you should consider:

  • Does the idea of dressing up or dirty talk get you excited?
  • Does the thought of being caught with your partner having sex get your pulse racing?
  • Try pleasuring yourself to find what it is that turns you on.
  • Try coming up with a list of sexual activities you would like to try, and then discuss them with your partner.
  • Ensure you are both comfortable with any new sexual acts before going ahead with them.
  • Revisit your early days by going on a date.
  • Does the thought of oral sex get you sexually aroused?
  • Learn to appreciate one another’s bodies.
  • Don’t be afraid to guide your partner if they are not hitting the right spot.
  • Be careful. Your sexual desires may be deemed unacceptable by some.

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