Sexual and Marital Therapy

There are no secrets to a successful relationship. It takes hard work and a willingness to make sacrifices for your partner. There will be struggles and there will be pitfalls, but being able to cope with such strife and tackle it head-on can only make a relationship stronger. The difficulty within a relationship is often hidden, both from the outside world and from one another. But leaving grievances out of sight often sees them manifested in other forms, whether it is an annoyance at a lack of one partner’s housework, often a sign of not feeling respected, or sexual troubles, usually a manifestation of feeling unloved and an unrequited need for affection.

Why can’t we be normal?

Those going through relationship trouble often question why their relationship is not normal. But this could not be further from the truth. Disagreements and differences are bound to occur when two people live together. This is due to people becoming more relaxed in their partners company, which in turn causes them to exhibit behavioural traits unseen before. How you handle such difficult times is the difference between staying together and going your separate ways. Most couples hide their relationship difficulties, afraid of the stigma attached to it in society, but leaving issues unresolved is the worst thing you can do.

What can therapy do for you?

Sexual and relationship therapy can help you to improve your relationship by getting to the brunt of your troubles. It can help you deal with common problems, such as jealousy, and major events, like an affair. But there are no easy answers. A therapist can only provide you with guidance and the tools to better your relationship, but ultimately, it will be down to you and your partner to make it work. This can only be done through talking and listening to one another. There will always be contrast and conflict, but if you are able to voice your concerns and listen to one another then your relationship can take a step further to resolving the underlying issues.

What this site offers

This site offers advice and tips on how to deal with relationship troubles, whether they are related to sex or other important issues. Common myths will be dispelled, and the stigma attached to expressing relationship difficulties will be quashed. Advice will be provided on how to improve your relationship, and also how to spice up your sex life. There is also information given on sexual health, vital to a relationship built in trust. The process involved in therapy will be looked at, and you will be helped in determining whether you need the assistance of a therapist or not. The different therapeutic approaches will be explored, giving details on what you can hope to achieve as an individual, or as a couple.

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