Common Relationship Problems

If you are in a long standing relationship, or just starting out, chances are you will have experienced some form of disagreement or argument with your partner. The longer you are together the more you discover about one another. This can bring with it new opportunities, but can also cause anger and angst if you find it difficult living with certain behaviours concerning your partner. Add to this the various stresses we face in other parts of our lives, and the home can become a place we dread returning to, rather than the place of sanctuary it can be. Relationships are hard work. They require co-operation and adjustment, and unless you are willing to give a little leeway they will likely fall at the first hurdle.

Want to keep the spark burning?

Relationships can bring us great joy, but can also cause us anguish and frustration. This is the case for every couple, but it is how we cope with such times of distress that can determine whether a relationship stands the test of time. Successful relationships, if there can be said to be such a thing, are only possible if you are able to understand that you need to work together, and not as separate entities. If you have moved in together, or have been together for more than a few weeks, then there must been an initial spark that brought you together. The real test is now, when the buzz begins to fade somewhat, and you start to question whether there really is a future for your relationship.

Problems that can rock the foundation of your relationship

A relationship can have its foundations rocked by a number of factors, ranging from mere day to day grumbles to devastating revelations that can make it seem like a relationship is all but over. But leaving such problems hidden under the carpet will only worsen your relationship. Whether it is a grievance to do with housework, typically a sign of not feeling respected, or feelings of jealousy, often a manifestation of low self-esteem, you must work as a couple if you are to make it through such difficult times together, rather than separate and single. If you have children, then such times of angst are all the more difficult, as it is not only your feelings that need to be considered.

What we can do to help

This section offers information on the various problems that can affect a relationship, and also provides details on how to cope through such difficulties. Issues explored range from the trivial, though they may not seem quite so insignificant to you, including housework, trouble with the in-laws and holiday bust-ups. Hard hitting matters that can really shake a relationship will also be discussed, such as an affair, a death in the family and fertility problems. Tips to better your relationship will also be offered, as may the aid of a therapist if the relationship problem is a particularly sensitive subject matter.


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