We have all heard about the g-spot. It is a myth to many, an unachievable sexual response for most women. This is because many women do not actually have it, or, if they do, find that it can’t be stimulated by having sex. The g-spot is located inside the vagina, and is the size of a pea normally, but can increase to the size of a ten pence coin if aroused. It feels rough, but can be a difficult area to find. When stimulated, it can cause immense pleasure, but can also result in the need to pee for some.

If you have one, then it is a good idea to find what reaction you get when you stimulate it. This can be done through touch, and can help you to find what kind of touch stimulates it for the good. Having your pelvis raised during sex, or being penetrated from behind can help to stimulate the g-spot during sex. For some women, stimulation of the g-spot can result in the release of fluid, but this is by no means like male sperm.


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