Sexual responses

We rarely think about the stages of sexual response. However, it can help us to further our enjoyment of sex if we pay attention to them. There are three main stages:

  • Desire – Desire is the first stage, and can be brought about by numerous things, whether it is a smell, taste or memory. This stage occurs before any obvious signs of sexual arousal in the genital area, but is often the seed needed to get things going.
  • Arousal – Arousal is the next step, which is when the body begins to respond to your sexual arousal. For men, this will involve the penis becoming erect, while for women, it results in the moistening and widening of the vagina. Breathing will also become laboured, and your heart rate will increase.
  • Orgasm – The final stage can be difficult for some to achieve, particularly women. During this stage your muscles tense, and there is a sensation of pleasure that runs through your body. For men, it will result in the release of sperm, while for women it will cause stimulation to the vagina. It can also bring about the release of fluid for women, but this is not sperm.

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