Dispelling Sexual Myths

If we are to believe what we see in pornographic films then everybody has perfect looking bodies, and a man’s penis is the size of your forearm. Yes, it is quite amazing what some people believe about sex. The myths that circulate are further perpetuated by what we hear in the school playground or at work, and what we see on television. Sex is a beautiful act through which one’s love can be expressed, but if you believe the falsehoods you hear then it can become a disaster waiting to happen. Dispelling the myths can take you one step closer to greatly improving your sex life.

The typical erection measures at eight inches

This is untrue as the average size of a man’s erect penis is closer to five or six inches, and when flaccid around three and a half inches. If your penis is smaller or larger than this there is nothing to worry about. There is no such thing as a ‘normal’ size and no penis is too large or too small for any vagina.

Masturbation is wrong

Forget what you hear about hairy palms and going blind. Masturbation is a completely normal act for both men and women. In most cases it is not even about sexual thoughts but more a way of relieving stress and anxiety. It can only cause trouble when you are choosing it over love making, in which case it can cause your partner feelings of being unwanted. If you are choosing masturbation over having sex with your partner then there may be an underlying problem.

Condoms are 100% safe

Condoms do work as a great way to combat pregnancy and STIs, but there is always the possibility they may break, allowing sperm to get through. It is always best to use a condom along with another type of contraception like the pill. There are also forms of emergency contraceptive available for emergencies such as a condom breaking.

Falsehoods concerning the pill

The pill is a great form of protection against pregnancy but only if you follow the instructions provided. The time it takes for the pill to take effect may differ according to the different types available, and missing a pill can break the cycle necessary to make the process work.

Pregnancy during unprotected sex is not possible if the man doesn’t ejaculate

This is a complete falsehood as there is such a thing known as pre-ejaculation, able to occur before male orgasm when the man becomes aroused. This can transfer enough male fluid to cause pregnancy and to transmit STIs.

Women do not enjoy sex

Women enjoy sex just as much as men, if not more in cases. For women, more so than with men, sex is seen as an expression of one’s love and is about much more than just the physical act. If emotional needs are not being met sex will likely not be as enjoyable and sexual desire will wane.

Men always want to have sex

Just like the belief men think about sex every seven seconds this is another widely held notion that can be quashed. Men not wanting sex can be due to a host of reasons, whether it is down to something physiological such as low testosterone levels and erectile dysfunction, or due to relationships troubles like fear of intimacy and unsettled conflicts. It can also be down to issues such as stress, lack of sleep and using masturbation as a replacement.

The only true sex involves the penis being inserted in to the vagina

This is a falsehood as sex is not rounded in to one act. There are many ways people can reach orgasm with their partners, with many women finding it more difficult to do so through the mere act of penetration. There are a whole host of sexual acts to please one another, include touching, kissing and oral.

Orgasm indicates sex is finished

When one or both partners climax this does not necessarily mean sex is over. Part of sex is about physical contact and the feeling of closeness this gives each person, before, during and after the sexual act. Also, it is possible for women to have multiple orgasms, with men only able to have one within a certain period of time.

If the woman does not orgasm then I must be bad in bed

A woman having an orgasm is not essential to sex being enjoyable for both parties. It is not even necessary by women in the process of making a baby, but is required by men in order to release sperm. Some women find it easier than others to achieve orgasm, while many others can not do so through mere penetration. Other acts such as oral, touching and stroking can be much more likely to achieve female orgasm.

Using lubricant is only for kinky people

Vaginal dryness, caused by factors including declining estrogen levels and emotional issues, is one case where lubricant may be needed, a condition able to affect any woman. Lubricant is a liquid type substance available in three main types, which are water-based, silicone-based and oil-based. Lubricant is also necessary if you want to have anal sex, an activity becoming more and more common amongst couples.

If you are in a relationship you must have sex

There is by no means a rule stating you must have sex when in a relationship. If you are not ready to have sex then you should discuss the matter with your partner. Kissing and touching does not mean you should then have sex. If your partner tries to force you into having sex then you may be best getting out of the relationship. Not wanting to have sex in a lengthy relationship may be a sign of underlying problems.


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