Sex & Ageing

Sexual desire is seen as something that dwindles as you age, but this does not mean our sex lives should become non-existent. Although our skin does become less receptive to touch, and flexibility does fall, there is still great pleasure and intimacy to be achieved. If anything sex in later life can become even better, due to many of the anxieties you once held about sex becoming distant memories. You will also have a better idea of what your partner does and doesn’t like. But that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s too late to spice up your sex life.

Changes to the male body

Men will find that their testosterone levels decrease as they grow older, which can cause their sex drive to lower. It can also become more difficult to attain an erection, and, in some cases, the erection will not be as hard as it once was. However, viagra can be a great help if this is the case. One positive for men is that the time to ejaculation can increase, meaning that they can last longer when having sex. There are also common illnesses that can affect both sexes as they age, such as diabetes, arthritis and high blood pressure. These can have an adverse effect on sexual desire and ability.

Changes to the female body

Women will experience the menopause, which can cause oestrogen and testosterone levels to decrease, having an adverse affect on sexual desire. It can take longer to achieve an orgasm, the strength of which can also become less invigorating. For some women, sex can also become painful due to the walls of the vagina becoming tighter. There is also less lubrication being produced in the vagina, but this can be combated by the use of lubricants that are readily available in many shops.

Fitness and sex

Whatever age you are, if you are unfit then sex can become a strenuous activity. But as we age we need to take even more care of our bodies if we want to have a healthy sex life. Taking regular exercise can help to keep your body strong and flexible, and can make sure that you can last the distance when partaking in sexual activity. Sex in itself is a good form of exercise. It can help to keep your body in a good physical state, and is also a good way to release any stress and anxiety that may have a negative affect on your body.

Keeping things interesting

Here are some tips that can help you to compensate for any decreasing energy levels you may experience, and also some advice on how to spice up your sex life:

  • Relax – Don’t rush into sex. The more relaxed you are the easier it can be to achieve arousal and orgasm
  • Try something different – You are never too old to try dressing up or role-playing
  • Foreplay – You don’t need to rush into sexual intercourse. Try kissing, touching and oral to get each other in the mood
  • Lubricate – Vaginal dryness can become an issue for many women, but there are lubricates available to combat this problem
  • Let your partner know what you like – What turns you on may change as you age, but remember that your partner does not have the ability to read your mind

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