Oral sex

For some people, oral sex is still considered something that should not be discussed with friends, let alone their partners. This is a shame, as oral sex can be a real asset to spicing up your sex life. One reason why you may not be doing it is that you fear your partner will consider you dirty. But the chances are that your partner also has the same desires, but is not willing to do it due to their own fear.

By communicating your worries about oral sex, you can learn how it is not actually dirty or wrong. In fact, oral sex can be a turn on due to the fact that it is considered somewhat dirty. Humans are commonly turned on by things that are considered in some way bad, and this is no different with oral. The tongue can work wonders to stimulate your partner’s genital area, due to its flexibility and moistness.

If your partner is worried that your genital area may be dirty, then it is a good idea to try oral in the bath or shower. This will demonstrate to them that your sex organ is clean. But don’t use deodorants or fragrances to mask the scent of your body, as this can be a real turn off for your partner. You may also want to try cream or melted (cool) chocolate to lick of your partner. But do not blow into the female genital area, as this can lead to an embolism.


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