Fed up with arguing

Although arguing can be beneficial to the foundations of a relationship, no one particularly enjoys it. And if there were a secret to prevent arguing then we would all like to know it. Sadly, there is no such thing, but the information below can help you somewhat to prevent those conflicts:

  • Why are you arguing? – Are you taking your anger out on your partner because of a bad day at work? Has someone ruffled your feathers? Are you suffering from an ailment?
  • Why is your partner arguing? – Has your partner had a bad day at work? Are they hormonal at the moment? Is there possibly an underlying issue affecting their mood?
  • Underlying issue – Are you hiding something from your partner, such as an infidelity, and being overly cautious because of this? Is there a prior argument still affecting you? Or has someone told you something you didn’t previously know about your partner?

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