Spice up your surroundings

Whether you are planning to have sex in the bedroom, or the kitchen, it can be made all the more better if you go to the effort of making the setting more romantic. It can help you to relax, and create a sense of being somewhere else. Below are some tips to help you prepare your setting:

  • To start with – Ensure that the room is warm enough. You don’t want to be taking your clothes off, only to find yourself shivering. It is a good idea to put the heating on about half an hour before the act is to begin.
  • No interruptions – Turn off the phone, and disconnect the front door bell. If you have children, then organise a babysitter. Otherwise, an unwelcome interruption can easily kill your sexual desire.
  • The setting – Ensure the room is tidy, and that there are no items that may get you thinking about house chores. Dim the lights or use some candles. A romantic setting will differ for everybody, but something along the lines of silk sheets would be a good idea.
  • Music to make love to – Are there any songs that get your heart racing? Or songs that increase your emotions? Try to cater for one another’s tastes, as what turns you on may not be to your partner’s taste. Try to allow some leeway in what you choose, whether it is something slow and steady, or something with more of a beat to it. And don’t play it too loudly.
  • Romantic aroma – Scented candles are a good idea to set the scene, but try to go with something subtle. You could always try using a spray freshener, as long as you don’t use too much. Once again, make sure the choice of smell is to both partner’s tastes, and that neither of you are allergic.

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