Holiday Arguments

The annual holiday is something we all look forward to. It allows people to kick back, and have a break from the stresses that plague their lives. But a holiday can easily go wrong. More than anything, a holiday can be the one thing that highlights underlying problems in a relationship. The weather and accommodation can be perfect, but if there are any niggling concerns, then an argument can arise. One reason why holidays often go wrong is that people’s expectations are too high, and if these are not met, then there can be a holiday ruining bust-up. The only way to prevent this from happening is to plan activities beforehand, and also, if possible, to lower your expectations.  

First trip together

The first holiday together can often be a make or break situation for many couples, as it can truly indicate how well they work together. Going on holiday can highlight differing personalities, whether it is one partner wanting to lie on the sun bed all day, or the other striving to explore the local architecture, ultimately resulting in rows. Due to this, holidays should only be taken together when you are sure of your compatibility, although, a holiday can be a great way to test this. Planning out activities, which are to each person’s tastes, can prevent those pesky rows from igniting.

Revive your flagging relationship

Holidays, of course, are not all bad. They can be a great way to rekindle a wavering relationship, as they can give you an opportunity to be together away from the stresses of life, such as work and the children. Take advantage of friends and family to get the kids off your hands, as this will help to lessen the tension, and increase the romance. Being away from the strains of everyday life can help you to remember just why you did first get together. Try taking in the sights and sounds, or even just spending a day in bed together, while you order room service and unleash your sexual desires.

Plan ahead to prevent arguments

Even if you prefer to be spontaneous on holiday, it can be a great help if you go to the effort of planning a few activities. But, remember, it is not only your interests that need to be catered for, but also, your partners. If one of you enjoys spending the day on the beach, while the other wants to go scuba diving, then there is more than likely enough time to cater for both things. The best way to prevent arguments is to inform your partner beforehand of what you do and don’t want to do, and to allow some leeway in order for the two of you to be happy.

Tips for planning out a holiday

Planning a holiday needs to take into account several important factors, as detailed below: 

  • Who is in charge of booking the holiday, and organising money exchange?
  • Put in order things at home, such as the cat being fed, cancelling the milk and work.
  • Saving money for excursions, hiring a car and shopping trips.
  • Planning activities for the children.
  • Planning activities for you and your partner.
  • Perhaps organising a carer for the children while you go away.
  • Who will be the one to drive, if you do hire a car?
  • Magazine, games and other activities to keep all parties entertained when going on long trips.
  • What time will you leave for the airport?
  • When will you pack the suitcases, and who will pack the children’s belongings?
  • Remembering toothpaste, sun lotion and other important cosmetic products.
  • Things you do and don’t want to do while on holiday.
  • Agreeing not to talk about certain topics, such as work.
  • Designating a budget for certain proceedings, such as meals out.
  • Possibly agreeing to spend some time apart.
  • What you would like to do for fun, and to relax.

This is a guideline, and there will always be something else of importance that you can think of. If there is such a thing, then do not be afraid to inform your partner. If you don’t, then your holiday may turn out to be a nightmare, rather than the relaxing break you were hoping for.


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