Initial evaluation

During initial assessment, the therapist will wish to know details such as why you have chosen to undertake therapy, a general history of your relationship and what the final factor was that made you seek help. They will also want to find out information on difficulties responding sexually, prior relationships, any medication being taken and the views of both partners when it comes to your relationship. Do not be afraid to communicate your inner thoughts and feelings as this is the time to start making a change.

You should find out details such as the price and length of sessions, details about the therapist and their respective organisation, how many sessions you can have and particulars about the Code of Ethics involved. The therapist who conducts the initial assessment may differ from the professional you are to be assigned, and you should ask if this is to be the case. None the less, you should try to use this initial evaluation to decide whether you think this therapist is the right one for you.


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